Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

New Federal Electoral Map for Alberta Tabled in the House of Commons

Calgary, Thursday, February 2, 2023 – The report by the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Alberta, outlining its proposed changes to the province's federal electoral map, was tabled in the House of Commons today. The report, which was sent to the Speaker of the House through the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada, will be reviewed by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs.

The Commission was tasked with proposing new boundaries that, as best as possible, maintain population equality while taking into consideration social and geographic factors, including respect for communities of interest or identity and historical patterns of previous boundaries. These criteria, along with the submissions and the public feedback gathered at public hearings held between September 6 and October 14, 2022, all factored into the report tabled in the House today.

Following a review of the submissions received, the Commission revisited many of the electoral boundaries. The Commission is satisfied that it has achieved a fair balance with respect to the criteria for the redistribution of the 37 electoral districts in the Province of Alberta. Considering the size, shape and character of each electoral district, the Commission is satisfied that fair and effective representation has been achieved within each one, said the Honourable Justice Bruce McDonald, Chair of the three-member commission.

To consult the report and for more information on the next steps in the redistribution process, visit www.redistribution2022.ca.


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