Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

Lethbridge Proposal

  • (Population: 115,008)
  • (Map 1)

Consists of:

  1. the City of Lethbridge;
  2. the towns of Coaldale and Coalhurst; and
  3. that part of the Municipal District of Lethbridge County lying southerly and easterly of a line described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the Blood Indian Reserve No. 148 boundary and Highway 509; thence northeasterly and easterly along said highway to Highway 3; thence northwesterly along said highway to Range Road 230A; thence northeasterly along said road to Township Road 100; thence southeasterly and generally easterly along said road to Range Road 221; thence southerly along said road to Highway 25; thence northeasterly and easterly along said highway to the westerly boundary of Tp 10 R 21 W 4; thence southerly along said boundary to the northerly boundary of Tp 9 R 21 W4; thence easterly along said limit to the Oldman River; thence generally northeasterly along said river to the westerly limit for the Municipal District of Taber.