Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

Medicine Hat—Cardston—Warner Report

Consists of:

  1. the City of Medicine Hat;
  2. the towns of Bow Island, Cardston, Magrath, Milk River, Raymond and Redcliff;
  3. the villages of Coutts, Foremost, Stirling and Warner;
  4. the municipal districts of Cypress County, Forty Mile County No. 8 and Warner County No. 5; and
  5. that part of the Municipal District of Cardston County lying southerly and easterly of a line described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the Belly River and the northerly boundary of the Blood Indian Reserve No. 148A; thence generally northerly along said river to the southerly boundary of the Blood Indian Reserve No. 148; thence generally easterly and generally northeasterly along the southerly and easterly boundaries of said Indian reserve to the southwesterly limit of the Municipal District of Lethbridge County at approximate latitude 49°33'57"N and longitude 112°49'58"W.