Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

Burnaby North—Seymour Report

  • (Population: 119,311)
  • (Map 11)

Consists of those parts of the Metro Vancouver Regional District comprising:

  1. that part of the District Municipality of North Vancouver lying easterly and southerly of a line described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the northerly limit of said district municipality and Lynn Creek; thence generally southerly along said creek to a point at approximate latitude 49°22'12"N and longitude 123°02'06"W; thence southerly in a straight line to a point on Mountain Highway at approximate latitude 49°21'31"N and longitude 123°02'08"W; thence southerly along said highway to Lynn Valley Road; thence southwesterly along said road to 29th Street East; thence westerly along said street to the limit of said district municipality, that being the northeast corner of the City of North Vancouver; and
  2. that part of the City of Burnaby lying northerly and westerly of a line described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the westerly limit of the City of Burnaby with Highway 7 (Lougheed Highway); thence easterly along said highway to Lake City Way; thence northerly along said way, Arden Avenue and Greystone Drive to a transmission line at approximate latitude 49°16'03"N and longitude 122°56'14"W; thence generally northerly along said transmission line to Burnaby Mountain Parkway; thence easterly along said parkway to Gaglardi Way; thence generally southeasterly, northeasterly and southerly along said way to Broadway; thence easterly along Broadway to Stoney Creek; thence generally northerly and easterly along said creek to the easterly limit of said city.