Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Manitoba Begins the Process of Readjusting Boundaries

Winnipeg, Thursday, February 17, 2022

The Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Manitoba has begun its review of the province's federal electoral boundaries. The three-person commission is made up of the chair, the Honourable Diana M. Cameron, and two members, Kelly Saunders and Paul G. Thomas.

The Manitoba commission is one of 10 independent federal electoral boundaries commissions created by Parliament to determine the new boundaries of Canada's federal electoral districts.

The work of readjusting federal electoral boundaries is not simply a mathematical exercise aimed at making a province's electoral districts equal in terms of population size; it is rather a balancing act that must take into consideration districts' communities of interest or identity, history and geographic size.

Manitoba's population has increased from 1,208,268 in 2011 to 1,342,353 in 2021. The Commission is currently formulating a proposal for the province's 14 seats in the House of Commons to reflect the population growth and shifts.

The Manitoba commission will publish its proposal for the new electoral map in the near future, and public hearings will be held at various locations across the province to seek citizens' views. Details of public hearings will be made available on the Redistribution 2022 website and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as published by local media outlets.

The public hearings and input from the electorate had a great impact on the electoral boundaries created by the last commission in 2012. To involve the public in the process as soon as possible, you are invited to participate in creating the initial proposal by sending your comments by email or mail by Monday, April 4, 2022. Any submissions received may be posted on the Manitoba Commission web page.

To learn more about the redistribution of Manitoba's federal electoral districts, visit redecoupage-redistribution-2022.ca.

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