Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

Fredericton—Oromocto Proposal

  • (Population: 85,540)
  • (Map 1)

Consists of:

  • (a) the new proposed limit of the City of Fredericton, as of April 8, 2022;
  • (b) the village of New Maryland;
  • (c) that part of the Rural Community of Hanwell lying easterly of Highway 8 and northeasterly of Highway 2 (Trans-Canada Highway);
  • (d) Devon Indian Reserve No. 30 and St. Mary's Indian Reserve No. 24; and
  • (e) that part of the County of Sunbury comprising:
    • (i) the Town of Oromocto;
    • (ii) that part of the Parish of Lincoln lying northerly of the westbound lane of Highway 2 (Trans-Canada Highway);
    • (iii) Oromocto Indian Reserve No. 26.