Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022


This report is largely the result of the efforts of those New Brunswickers who participated in the public hearings or who contributed written submissions to the Commission before and after the publication of its Proposal. The Commission wishes to pay tribute to these citizens and elected officials who made the effort and took the time to provide advice. This advice made the Commission more aware of perceived problems and local issues. It was a democratic process that measurably aided the Commission in its deliberations. The Commission is satisfied that it has balanced its statutory obligations with the views of the people of New Brunswick in striving for the goal of effective representation for all citizens of the province.

Dated at Edmundston, New Brunswick, this 28th day of November, 2022.

The Honourable Madam Justice Lucie A. LaVigne, Chair

The Honourable Thomas Riordon, Deputy Chair

Dr. Condé Grondin, Member

Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for the Province of New Brunswick