Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

Reminder of Public Hearings on the Proposed Federal Electoral Map for Nova Scotia

Halifax, Friday, June 10, 2022 – The Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Nova Scotia is in the midst of holding public hearings on the new federal electoral map that it recently proposed.

The Commission makes final decisions about where the electoral boundaries will be located after consultation, giving the public and members of Parliament an opportunity to express their views and participate in the process.

"So far the volume of public participation has been impressive and informative. We want to provide as much opportunity as possible for the public to have their say, so we have reworked some deadlines to further our public consultations." – said the Honourable Justice Cindy A. Bourgeois.

Even though the deadline to submit notices of representation at in-person public hearings has passed, there are still opportunities for the public to participate. For those wishing to make a representation or simply observe the proceedings, a virtual public hearing will be held on June 27. Notice to make a representation or observe should be sent to the Commission by email or mail by June 14, 2022. Those wishing to make a representation should include in their email or letter the required information outlined on the "Public Participation" webpage.

Those wishing to send comments and feedback to the Commission without attending a public hearing can do so by email, mail or through the Interactive Mapping Tool until June 28, 2022. To obtain a copy of the Commission's proposal or to learn more about the redistribution of federal electoral districts, visit redistribution2022.ca.


Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Nova Scotia

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