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Dartmouth—Cole Harbour Report

  • (Population: 104,825)
  • (Map 2)

Consists of that part of the Halifax Regional Municipality described as follows: commencing at a point in the Halifax Harbour at approximate latitude 44°33'43"N and longitude 63°30'00"W; thence generally northwesterly along said harbour (passing to the west of McNabs Island and to the east of Georges Island) to the A. Murray MacKay Bridge (Highway 111); thence northeasterly and generally easterly along said bridge and Highway 111 (Highway of Heroes) to Highway 118; thence northerly along said highway to a point on the highway situated to the west of Lake Charles at approximate latitude 44°42'55"N and longitude 63°33'15"W; thence easterly in a straight line to a point in Lake Charles at latitude 44°42'55"N and longitude 63°32'51"W; thence northeasterly in a straight line to the mouth of Barrys Run at Lake Charles at approximate latitude 44°42'57"N and longitude 63°32'45"W; thence generally easterly along said run to Highway 107 (Forest Hills Extension); thence southeasterly along said highway to Highway 7 (Main Street); thence northeasterly along said highway to a power transmission line (933 Main Street) situated approximately 200 metres east of Riley Road; thence southerly along said transmission line to an unnamed brook flowing southerly from Broom Lake; thence generally southerly along said brook to Cole Harbour at approximate latitude 44°40'25"N and longitude 63°27'47"W; thence generally southeasterly along said harbour to a point in the Atlantic Ocean at latitude 44°35'32"N and longitude 63°21'48"W; thence westerly in a straight line to the point of commencement.