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Marilyn O'Keeffe

I live in what is Ward 2 (Innes) of Ottawa; which for many reasons , geographic, practical, social is for many of us essentially Orleans West.

I am not quite sure why the new Boundary changes seem to want to align our ward with Ottawa-Vanier. This seems counter to my own experience and practical outcomes.

I have nothing against Ottawa-Vanier - but for most of us :social, sporting, transit, health, shopping, and City-based activities are in fact more closely aligned with the rest of Orleans.

For example:

For sports such as swimming and/or Hockey in the winter months most of us would be at either Bob McQuarrie, Earl Armstrong, Ray Friel or Francois Dupuis. (all Orleans)

For Transit, our bus routes (eg 25) are based along Innes Rd, which is the main artery of Orleans.

The LRT is still a work-in-progress so I won't comment on that.

For Health, our new Orleans Health Hub would be a focal point for many of us. Is that not why it got funded and built?

For other City facilities, such as libraries, our natural other libraries would be Orleans, Cumberland or possibly N Gloucester

Not sure many local residents even know where the library (ies) in would Ottawa-Vanier be. And, please correct me if I am wrong, but does not the Vanier library proudly proclaim that it mainly serves "the francophone community". I live in Blackburn Hamlet which is certainly not predominately Francophone, nor is Chapel Hill North, last time I checked the demographics.

For shopping once the LRT is completed for the East End, Place d'Orleans would be a more natural hub; OR Innes rd itself.

Our schools are all either local to where we live or are largely in Orleans - unless we "go private".

None of the Ottawa-Vanier move makes sense to me. I honestly do not recall the last time I was in the Byward Market.

I'd be glad to hear the rationale for our alignment with Ottawa-Vanier instead of the other Orleans Wards.

I would like to see the data that supports such a move.


Marilyn O'Keeffe.

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