Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

The Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Quebec is now in a position to finalize its proposal to revise the electoral map

Montréal, Friday, June 24, 2022. The coming into force of the Preserving Provincial Representation in the House of Commons Act on June 23, 2022 has removed the uncertainty surrounding the number of federal electoral districts in Quebec and will allow the Commission to finalize its proposal to revise the electoral map, has stated the president of the commission, Mr. Jacques Chamberland, a retired judge from the Court of Appeal of Quebec.

The number of members of Parliament from Quebec will remain unchanged from the current representation in the House of Commons of 78 seats.

The revised electoral map that the Commission will propose for Quebec will be made public within a few weeks. Mr. Chamberland noted that its publication will mark the start of public consultations, which is the second phase of our work. We have been thorough and professional in our revision of the electoral map, but remain open to all suggestions. Public consultations will provide an opportunity for all those who are interested in the electoral process to express their views.

All relevant consultation details (places visited, process for expressing an opinion, etc.) will be included in the proposal.