Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

Gatineau Proposal

  • (Population: 103,029)
  • (Map 7)

Consists of:

that part of the City of Gatineau described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the Gatineau River (northerly limit of said city) and du Pont Avenue; thence generally southeasterly along the Gatineau River to the southerly limit of the City of Gatineau (Ottawa River); thence generally easterly along said limit and river to the easterly limit of the area of Gatineau; thence northerly along said limit to Highway 50 (Autoroute de l'Outaouais); thence generally westerly and southerly to La Vérendrye Boulevard; thence northwesterly and southwesterly along said boulevard and du Pont Avenue to the point of commencement (Alonzo-Wright Bridge).