Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

Looking Ahead

The above table summarizes the Commission's conclusions and is based on the current population distribution in the province. It is anticipated the past and current trend of significant growth in the areas in and around Halifax will continue in the future. As such, it is highly likely that by the time of the next redistribution, the four most urban ridings will be approaching or exceeding a +25% variance. More rural ridings will likely continue to decrease in relative population, pushing their respective electoral quotas closer to -25%.

Although it will be for the next Commission to determine, the argument for a fifth Halifax area riding will only strengthen. Depending on the variation from the electoral quota at that time, it may be required in order to maintain all 11 electoral districts within the permitted range. We say this not to influence future decision-makers but to point out that significant change to the province's rural ridings may be unavoidable; and that historic redistributions may have to give way to novel approaches to providing effective representation to all Nova Scotians. The next Commission may need to take a fresh approach to laying out the province's electoral districts.