Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022


The redistribution process undertaken by the Commission has been difficult. However, notwithstanding the challenges inherent in balancing the required legal principles with the desires of the public, the process has been thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable.

The Commission sincerely thanks those individuals and groups who took the time to consider the Proposal and give constructive feedback. Although not all the views expressed have found their way into this final report, all were given serious consideration. Many were debated, vigorously at times, by the Commission members in reaching our final boundary conclusions.

It was particularly heartening to attend public hearings where, despite there being strong vocal opposition to aspects of the Proposal, those in attendance expressed their views respectfully, and often with typical Nova Scotian grace and good humour. The Commission is grateful for the reception it received from hearing attendees and participants throughout the province.

The Commission also expresses its gratitude to its only employee, Ms. Carol Moulaison. As Commission Secretary, Ms. Moulaison single-handedly fielded an unexpected volume of calls and emails while efficiently organizing the mountain of submissions received. With a smile, she kept the Commission organized and on track and served as our unfailingly professional and friendly liaison with the public.

We also wish to thank the staff of Elections Canada for the administrative, technical, and geographical support received. Geography Specialists Kathryn Gallacher and Karen Ennis were invaluable to our work as was the Elections Canada management team who provided essential guidance while diligently respecting the Commission's fundamental independence.

Finally, as Chair, I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to my fellow Commissioners. It has been a pleasure to work with Professors Carbert and Johnson. Their good humour, expertise and diligence made the redistribution process an enjoyable and educational experience. I am grateful for their willingness to participate in this important democratic exercise. Ultimately, it is Nova Scotians who are the beneficiaries of their professionalism and commitment to the redistribution process.

Dated at Halifax, Nova Scotia, this 4th day of November, 2022.

The Honourable Justice Cindy A. Bourgeois

Chair, Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for the Province of Nova Scotia

Louise Carbert

Member, Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for the Province of Nova Scotia

David Johnson

Member, Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for the Province of Nova Scotia