Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

Appendix Maps, Boundaries and Names of Electoral Districts

There shall be in the Province of Nova Scotia eleven (11) electoral districts, named and described as set out below, each of which shall return one member.

In the following descriptions:

  1. any reference to street, avenue, road, drive, connector, extension, highway, river, stream, brook, channel, cove, arm, bay, lake, harbour, transmission line or railway signifies the centre line unless otherwise described;
  2. wherever a word or expression is used to denote a territorial division, such word or expression shall indicate the territorial division as it existed or was bounded on the first day of January 2021;
  3. reference to counties for inclusion in an electoral district signifies that all cities, towns, villages and Indian reserves lying within the perimeter of the counties are included unless otherwise described;
  4. all offshore islands are included in the landward district unless otherwise described;
  5. all First Nation territories lying within the perimeter of the electoral district are included unless otherwise described;
  6. the translation of the terms street, avenue and boulevard follows Treasury Board standards, while the translation of all other public thoroughfare designations is based on commonly used terms but has no official recognition; and
  7. all coordinates are in reference to the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD 83).

The population figure of each electoral district is derived from the 2021 decennial census.