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Elvira Zukanovic

My name is Elvira and I am writing regarding the proposed changes to Brampton West.

My family and I live in Brampton West and we moved here in 2005. We would have never expected to have found such a warm, welcoming, close-knit community especially at the mosque my family attends weekly.

I want to address the impact that this proposal would have on the Muslim community.

On a personal level this is very near and dear to my heart and is the reason why I decided to attend the public hearing as well as send my submission through email. The Muslim community in Brampton West is extremely tight knit and for many like me, it is a second family.

The new proposed boundaries would separate Brampton Islamic Centre and the North Valley Islamic Centre from the rest of Brampton West. From my perspective, this change will negatively affect the Muslim community, as most of the people who go to these mosques are the residents of Brampton West.

The proposal would separate two components of many people's daily lives, the mosque and their homes. I think that this is unfortunate especially for those who are new to the area. When we moved here in 2005, the mosque provided us with a sense of community. Over the years the mosque has fostered a sense of community in the Brampton West area through hosting significant cultural and religious events as well as events for the community at large. The mosques in Brampton West, such as the Brampton Islamic Centre provide both its congregations with a sense of community, and they contribute to the development and diversity of the Brampton West Community.

I would be very sad to see the mosque be removed from Brampton West and potentially moved to a community outside of Brampton. I think that everyone here in Brampton West would be sad to see one of the pillars of our community moved to another area.

I would please ask that the commission amend the proposed boundary so that that Brampton Islamic Centre remains in the Brampton West boundaries. I would also ask that the name for Brampton West remains the same and does not change as the change would cause confusion within Brampton and during elections. I have included a copy of the map for my proposed changes for Brampton West.

Thank you for all the important work you are all doing and for taking the time to read my submission.


Map of Brampton West, Carte de Brampton Ouest

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