Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

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Cameron Revie

I live in the town of Caledon on xxxxxx.

I understand that there is a proposal that my area of Caledon will be split from the Dufferin - Caledon electoral district and added to a section of Brampton to create a new electoral district of Brampton-Mayfield West.

I understand and respect that population changes are the main reason for this change.

However, I disagree with the proposed name for the district.

Mayfield West is a developer's invention. It has limited to no historical value or is used by people except for those who live in the new development. The common location reference used by the rest of us locals for where we live, is either village/hamlet names or Caledon.

Using Mayfield West to describe the non Brampton area and population who live in it would be an insult to people who don't live in the Mayfield West development.

I respectfully request that your committee change the name of the new electoral district to Brampton-Caledon.

I do not believe that this will cause any confusion by having two districts with Caledon in the name, as other districts have multiple names as well. For example Brampton North, Brampton East, etc.

Thank you for your attention.


Cameron Revie

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