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Nick Moreau

I'd first like to extend my appreciation to the Redistribution project, for its work in redrawing the borders, to accurately reflect the changes in Ontario's population since the previous census.

I write in relation to the naming of the ridings.

Brampton Southwest is indeed on the west side of the city, and extends to the southern border. But it also extends to the northern border. While there is significant change in the boundaries, why not use the existing name of Brampton West?

The same is true for Brampton Southeast. I'm not sure as to the actual population distribution, but most of the residential streets in Brampton Southeast are west of Hurontario Street. Hurontario (also known as Main Street) is the central surveying road of Peel. While the new riding takes in lots of areas not historically in Brampton South, why not reuse the name?

The final naming I wonder about is Brampton--Chinguacousy. It's fantastic that you're making use of the historic township name, which itself is a reference to Chief Shinguacöuse.

But I do wonder whether people will be clear that you're referencing Chinguacousy Park, in the southwest corner of the new riding. Brampton Library's Chinguacousy branch is just southwest of the park, in Brampton Southeast, and Chinguacousy Road cuts through Brampton--Mayfield West, Brampton Southwest, Brampton Centre, and Brampton Southeast.

Had you left the new ridings unnamed, I might have suggested Brampton-Bramalea-Springdale. Bramalea and Springdale are both massive subdivisions, and both have been referenced in federal riding names previously. Bramalea is also the name of the road that goes through the middle of the new riding.

But given the current name, perhaps Brampton-Chinguacousy Park? While that might sound like you're giving the vote to the animals at the Minnie Moo Petting Zoo, it provides clarity as to which Chinguacousy you're referencing. Again, I think it's really neat that Chinguacousy is being referenced, it's just that the City's existing references to the township are scattered about the map.

(As a note to the Speaker of the next Parliament, it's locally pronounced Ching-coo-see, as opposed to Ching-waa-coo-see. The waa sound disappeared from local parlance at minimum fifty years ago.)

Ultimately, few people think anything of the names of the ridings between elections, and obviously no one uses them for wayfinding, but I thought I'd weigh in.


Nick Moreau

If I might amend my comment, please?

It's been mentioned on a forum online that the proposed names are actually based on the true compass directions. Peel itself was surveyed on a significant angle, and so the local definition of north is northwest, and south is southeast. These are the direction used by our street naming, by our bus routes, and by the public at large.

While the names are technically more accurate, this reasoning will be missed by the majority of residents, particularly when the previous naming reflected the local, faux "north."

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