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Sarabjit Lachhar

xx xxxxxxxxx xxxx. Brampton, ONT xxx xxx P: (xxx) xxx-xxxx E: xxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com Date: September 12, 2022

Ms. Paula Puddy Commission Secretary Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario PO Box 37018 Southdale London, Ontario N6E 3T3

RE: Recommendation for the proposed boundaries of new Brampton South East riding to Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario

I am a resident of Brampton, Ontario and living here since 1997. In this letter, I would like to raise a concern with the proposed riding distributions in the City of Brampton. I also would like to recommend boundary changes which I think would allow the newly elected officials in the next election to serve the community better.

My family moved to Brampton to live in a newly built home (less than 10 years old) in 1997 near Susan Fennell Community Centre and lived 25 years in the same house to see the community mature over the period. Now, I can call it a well-established community offering residents places of worship, a recreational center, a library, a shopping center, a transit hub, schools, and walking trails.

Last year, I followed the trend many others in my community followed and moved to a home in a recently developed area in Brampton (near Queen St. and Creditview Rd). My family still depends on the infrastructure and community services from my old area. I know many of my neighbours feel the same way and make use of our old community. I don't see my new area having a recreational center, a gym, places of worship, or full scale integrated public transit in the near future.

The community being divided by a railway line in the proposed distribution boundary of Brampton Southeast is a multicultural community which share common culture, language, history and rely on shared services such as infrastructure, social support, worship places, shopping mall, recreational center, meeting rooms and learning centers.

For example, this could be: A Sikh family visiting Nanaksar Gurdawara, a Muslim family attending Friday prayer at Taha Masala, a Hindu family visiting Chintpurni Mandir, a Gujarati speaking family picking up groceries in long established ethnic community grocers, or a family new to Canada taking advantage of newcomer services, a student coming to the main bus terminal to take a direct bus to UTM as my son did, a resident taking part in community or political meeting being held at Susan Fennell Sportsplex as I did, and many more examples to prove that this one community deserve to be recognized community of interest and be kept together.

I humbly request that my old community surrounding (3 Mast Drive, Brampton, L6Y-4E3) and new community surrounding (34 Mistyglen Crest, Brampton, L6Y-0X3) be included in the same riding to have the same voice. Because, I strongly believe that the areas are strongly tied together and should be represented by one representative.

My proposal to the respected commissioners is that the proposed Brampton Southeast riding's railway line boundary (west side boundary) be moved west to Winston Churchvill Blvd, and Embleton Road and Queen St. between Winston Churchville Blvd and Chinguacousy Rd as a norther boundary, with the riding name changed to possibly called Brampton South. Please see my attached map for reference as page 3 to this letter.

I thank you for sharing my personal story but it's not mine alone. It's a common story among many of my neighbours and residents of my community.

Thank you!


Sarabjit Lachhar

Brampton Resident.

Image shows a map that is described in the written part of the submission.

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