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GRACE Inc Board

October 21, 2022

Electoral Boundaries Commission for the Province of Ontario

Via E-Mail: ON@redecoupage-federal-redistribution.ca

Dear Commission:

Dear Commission:

Grace Court is a 65-unit apartment building for independent seniors at 17 Scott Street Brampton operated and owned by GRACE Inc. We are next door to 101-unit seniors building at x xxxxx xxxxx operated by Peel Living. Our little area between the Etobicoke Creek and the railway bridge on Queen Street has been mostly seniors since the 1980s.

We recognize that Brampton is gaining a new district but we believe it is at the price of destroying an existing district with deep historical roots in the community. The redistribution is based on numbers and not on a deeper understanding of our community, its concerns and our history.

Historical Brampton is being split through the middle if the redistribution uses Clarence as the boundary. Main Street has been the backbone of historical Brampton, which grew around the Etobicoke creek and had a north south focus. Downtown Brampton, Ambro Heights and Peel Village formed the original town of Brampton footprint.

The redistribution cobbles together communities on an east/west basis. We think that it makes more sense to have a north/south redistribution that preserves a good portion of the old town of Brampton footprint, which the Old Brampton South electoral district preserved. We believe seniors sense of community should not be erased by a numbers-based approach to redistribution. We suggest that the eastern boundary of Brampton Centre be moved west from Dixie and that the southern boundary of Brampton Centre be moved south to Steeles.

Image shows a map that is described in the written part of the submission.

Our immediate neighbour at 15 Scott is an historically designated home that was once the manse for St Paul's Church at 30 Main Street South. Our area is part of the historical Brampton footprint. A map from 1962 shows the Town of Brampton's footprint. We would like to retain this connection with the historical Brampton which includes downtown Brampton, Ambro Heights and Peel Village.

Most important, beside the desire to preserve this historical community, we are concerned that the new area we are to be included with does not share our concerns. Our proximity to the Etobicoke Creek and Downtown Brampton means we share many of the same concerns that the downtown business and Peel Village have with crime, prostitution, drugs, and those who are homeless.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide our views on the redistribution.

GRACE Inc Board

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