Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

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Ian Stitt

My name is Ian Stitt and I have been a resident of Kanata-Carleton for 18 years. I was disappointed to see that the initial proposal for the federal riding redistribution in Ontario removes West Carleton from my riding. Rural Kanata and West-Carleton have been joined at the hip since this country was formed. While in different municipalities, we were always able to share our shared experiences and concerns during all of the federal elections as well as provincial ones. There is a rural aspect of Kanata that is under-appreciated nor understood. Our neighbours in West Carleton shared our concerns and helped us to represent ourselves within the electoral district. Removing West-Carleton from Kanata-Carleton will only lessen the effect.

I urge you to keep all of West Carleton and Kanata in the same federal riding. Change for change's sake is not progressive and diminishes our ability to represent ourselves federally.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Stitt

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