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Chandra Pasma

Submission to the Electoral Boundary Commission

September 21, 2022
Chandra Pasma, MPP for Ottawa West—Nepean


I first would like to thank the Electoral Boundary Commission and its three members, the Honourable Justice Lynne C. Leitch, Dr. Karen Bird, and Dr. Peter Loewen, for their hard work and dedication to this vital undertaking. This isn't an easy process, trying to find the balance between Ontario's changing demographics and population while drawing an electoral map that considers community interests. We are fortunate to live in a democratic country like Canada. While our electoral system is far from perfect, we enjoy many privileges, including an independent commission to draw up our electoral districts.

I am participating in this consolidation as the Member of Provincial Parliament for Ottawa West—Nepean. While I have been serving in this role for only a few short months, I am a long-time resident of Ottawa and have been engaged in my community for many years.

These public hearings and the written submissions are a vital part of the Commission process because the proposed boundaries were mainly informed by Census data and other broad data sources. Only by incorporating provincial and local developments and lived experience can the Commission form recommendations of what is genuinely needed by the electorate and constituency of Ottawa West—Nepean.

Since the Electoral Boundary Commission published its proposed map, I have been engaging community members and organizations to receive feedback. I and many in Ottawa West—Nepean agree with the proposed map for our electoral district.

2022 Proposal

I applaud the Commission's proposal to unite the Carlington neighbourhood and bring it entirely within Ottawa West—Nepean. I believe this is an excellent corrective measure from the past and keeps a community of interests, shared identity, and demographics together.

I understand the challenges the Commission faced in balancing population and deciding to move the border to include Carlingwood and Glabar Park into Ottawa Centre. These communities have a significant connection to the neighbourhoods to their west, which should be considered in your deliberations.

Adding Courtland Park, Rideauview, and Carleton Heights to Ottawa Ottawa West—Nepean adds a more apparent geographical boundary, using baseline road and the Rideau River as a clear divider. On the western side of Ottawa West—Nepean, the proposed map moved the ridings border further east. This proposal is reasonable as the neighbourhoods would have more significant commonalities with the proposed Kanata riding.


I want to thank the Commission for taking the time to read and consider my written feedback on the proposed map for Ottawa West—Nepean. I believe it strikes the right balance between population numbers and the demographics of the respective neighbourhoods. The communities will be well served by these electoral boundaries for the next decade.


Chandra Pasma
Ottawa West—Nepean


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