Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

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John R. Collins

I as a London born and raised. The boundaries that you are proposing for London Ont. is absolutely wrong. My riding is going to be more St Thomas and farm area than London. Matter of fact all the ridings look like some one was on something, when it was drawn up. This redrawing of boundaries appears to follow the voting rights one political party so it can get elected in these ridings. Which it only has only one riding at this time. I would be very interested in attending any meetings in this regard. For I would like to hear how someone came up with this idea. To me it is the same as doing the Deppe Raid in WW2.

I wish to raise a complaint as to the redrawing of the London Fanshawe riding. Why would you have a riding that is involved with two cities London and St. Thomas. That is just nuts. approx. 25 km apart. I can understand something like this in Saskatchewan. This is Ont. Both cities are away apart in different areas of concern for federal riding and remember that Ontario provincial follows the federal riding . I would really like to know what the person who came up with this idea was smoking. I think that this was drawn up for one political party that follow how certain polling areas voted for that party.

Thank you

John R. Collins CD

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