Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

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Robert (Bob) A. Patrick

I Live in Downtown London. My MP is Peter Fragiskatos. I strongly object to the redistribution of the urban ridings in London to include towns outside of London.

London has grown according to the latest census. To dilute the representation of the city by adding areas outside this city is wrong. We have issues with homelessness, violent urban crime, drug use, gangs and a high concentration of mentally disturbed people and a lack of both affordable housing and rental property. None of this is experienced in a rural setting to the degree it is in a city.

The towns and villages outside of London have no interest in the problems of an urban city. The voters there are rural. Their issues cannot be served fairly by representatives who must split their valuable time between city and rural issues. This is unfair to the rural population and the urban population. It is unfair to the federal representatives.

If anything there should be an increase in representation for the rural ridings as well as the urban ridings. Representation by population is a basic principle of a democratic society. To force MP's to spread themselves over greater number of voters will reduce their effectiveness.

Whoever proposed this needs to sit down and seriously consider the ramifications of diluting the votes of the people affected. This is a giant step back from effective good government.

Robert (Bob) A. Patrick

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