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Al Strathdee

I would like to thank you for this opportunity to provide public submissions regarding the proposed new boundaries for electoral districts in Southwestern Ontario.

Within central Southwestern Ontario is the broader Perth community consisting of the Town of St. Marys, the City of Stratford, and the four municipalities of Perth County.

Historically these communities have been united in a single electoral district for almost a century.

However, with each redistribution there is concern the broader Perth community will be divided up amongst other ridings. I am relieved to see these historically significant riding boundaries are respected in the proposed boundaries.

The Town of St. Marys is located in the centre of the Township of Perth South between the historical townships of Blanshard and Downie. Together we make the southwest part of Perth County which also border Stratford, Perth East and West Perth. There is no sensible way for these communities to be divided. Therefore, I am grateful that in your proposal we remain united.

As a small business owner, I understand the benefits of having the Stratford & District Chamber of Commerce operate not only in Stratford, but also St. Marys and the other neighbouring communities. This allows us greater strength in numbers for the small business community and helps the businesses in the smaller communities, access bigger the customer base in Stratford.

St. Marys and Stratford are also aligned in our advocacy for rail transit. In recent years we have been able to work together to advocate for Go Transit to come to our communities. I believe we were able to create a stronger and more compelling case for improved rail service by working together under the same federal and provincial representatives.

I strongly support the proposal for the new Perth—Wellington riding and encourage to proceed with boundaries that keep St. Marys, Perth County, Stratford, and the north part of Wellington County in the same electoral district.


Al Strathdee


Town of St. Marys

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