Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

Next Steps

This report will be submitted to the Speaker of the House of Commons (subsection 20.1(1)(a) of the Act), who will then refer it to the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs (subsection 21(1)). If the House is not meeting at the time, the report will be published in the Canada Gazette and sent to all 14 MPs from Manitoba (subsection 21(2)).

Written objections to the report (including the maps) may be filed with the Standing Committee. Those objections must specify the provisions of the report being objected to and the reasons for the objection (subsection 22(1)).

In order for the Standing Committee to consider a written objection, it must be signed by 10 or more MPs (not necessarily from the province in question) (subsection 22(2)).

If a written objection (signed by at least 10 MPs) is filed with the Standing Committee, the committee must consider the objection and return the report and the objection to the Speaker, along with a copy of the minutes of proceedings of the Standing Committee wherein the objection was considered (section 22(1)). Each of those items, along with any evidence of the Committee, is then forwarded to the Chief Electoral Officer and the Commission (subsection 22(3)).

Upon receipt of the above, the Commission must consider and dispose of each objection (section 23(1)). The Commission is not bound by law to accept or implement objections.

After considering and disposing of the objections, the Commission must submit its final report to the Speaker of the House of Commons (section 23(1)). That report provides the foundation for the boundaries to be used in the next general election.

If there are no objections filed, the report that was initially submitted forms the foundation for the boundaries.

Dated at Winnipeg, Manitoba, this 2nd day of December, 2022.

The Honourable Justice Diana M. Cameron, Chair

Kelly Saunders, Member

Paul G. Thomas, Member

Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for the Province of Manitoba