Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

Acknowledgments and Thanks

The Commissioners were honoured to be part of the important democratic exercise of drawing constituency boundaries based on provisions in law, submissions by elected representatives and citizens, and the conduct of objective analysis balancing a range of considerations.

The information and advice received through written submissions and oral presentations was crucial to the enrichment of our understanding of Manitoba's diverse geographical, economic, community, social and cultural ties. The Commission wishes to repeat the thanks and gratitude, expressed earlier in this report, to all the Manitobans who took the time and made the effort to enhance our understanding and contribute to this important democratic process.

Mr. Kevin Young served in a highly professional, competent and dedicated manner as Secretary to the Commission. The job title does not adequately convey the initiative and range of responsibilities that the Secretary performs. Mr. Young liaised with Elections Canada, found office space and furnishings, established and maintained many communications channels, managed the flow of documents, handled the logistics for the hearings and carried out directions from the Commission. Having served previously a number of times as secretary to federal and provincial commissions, Mr. Young brought not only organizational skills but also knowledge of the issues involved in the work of the Commission. The Commission thanks him sincerely for his valuable contribution.

Mr. Eric Diotte is a Geography Specialist assigned by Elections Canada to support the work of the Commission. From our first meeting at the orientation for the Commission, we realized the essential technical support that he could provide. Mr. Diotte was able to expertly manipulate the computer-based, interactive maps of the 14 constituencies to offer the Commission options to achieve the appropriate population for each. He interpreted and translated proposals contained in submissions into maps and numbers so that the Commission could make better-informed assessments. Based out of province, he travelled to Manitoba several times to be present at Commission meetings, and he attended the two in-person public hearings. Simply put, the Commission could not have completed its work without his specialized knowledge, skills and dedicated work. We thank him sincerely.