Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

Next Steps

The Act provides a detailed description of the steps to be completed after the Commission submits its report to the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada.

In brief terms, the report is transmitted to the House of Commons for review by all members. A committee of the House of Commons, established for the purposes of considering electoral matters, receives and reviews any objections to the report made by members of Parliament and returns the report with a copy of the retained objections to the Commission. Upon receiving these, the Commission will consider any objections made to its report and make decisions in relation to them. The Commission will then transmit a certified copy of its report, with or without amendments, according to the disposition of the objections. This final transmission brings the Commission to the end of its mandate and leads to the next steps of having the next Representation Order proclaimed.

The Governor-in-Council announces the new boundaries in a proclamation published in the Canada Gazette.

New boundaries can first be used in an election if at least seven months have passed between the date that the representation order was proclaimed and the date that Parliament is dissolved for a general election.