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Fazila Arshad

I support the Town of Oakville's motion that opposes the proposed electoral district boundary changes as they do not reflect Oakville's communities of identity or interest.

Notice of Motion

Subject: Redistribution of Federal Electoral Districts

To be considered: September 20, 2022

Moved by: Councillor Pavan Parmar

Seconded by: Councillor Sandhu

Whereas The Canadian Constitution requires that federal districts be reviewed every ten years to accommodate changes in population;

Whereas The Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario has put forward a new electoral map proposing redistribution of electoral boundaries;

Whereas the Electoral Boundaries Act provides that the Commission shall be governed by certain rules including average population numbers, communities of identity and interest, historical patterns of an electoral district, and geographic size of electoral districts;

Whereas the population quota for electoral districts is based on 116,500 people;

Whereas the proposed redistribution recommends three electoral districts to include Oakville residents;

Whereas the proposed electoral district named Georgetown—Milton East will consist of the part of the Town of Oakville lying northwesterly of Dundas Street West, Dundas Street East and northeasterly of Regional Road 25.

Whereas Oakville's current population within its municipal boundaries is approximately 225,000 and growing;

Whereas a more efficient electoral grouping of Oakville's population might reflect an Oakville East and Oakville West, which would allow for a blending of population growth rates in a north/south manner;

And whereas the public consultation began August 19, 2022 and ends on October 29, 2022;

Now therefore it be resolved that the Commission be made aware that Oakville Town Council opposes the proposed electoral district boundary changes as they do not reflect Oakville's communities of identity or interest;

That the proposed changes do not reflect North Oakville's estimated population growth until 2031;

That the proposed changes would put Oakville's newest area at a disadvantage for funding and support by being separated from the rest of Oakville;

That the proposed changes would separate the population in North Oakville from the rest of the Town, causing an unnecessary divide and inhibiting Oakville's livability;

That the proposed changes would result in Oakville's Ward 7 and Ward 6 residents being placed in a Federal Riding called "Georgetown—Milton East", making it increasingly difficult to meet with their MP and to have community concerns addressed;

That the proposed allocation and naming of any new electoral districts be re-evaluated to better reflect the primary population of the electoral district;

That Oakville residents are encouraged to make their voices heard and take part in the public hear or write a submission to the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario;

And that Mayor Burton write to the commission and request that they re-evaluate the proposed electoral boundary changes to better reflect Oakville's community of interest.

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