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Della Lawrence

I am very concerned with the redistribution plan for my riding. The West Carleton area is quite unique in having the largest tech park o close to a rural area. As such joining a portion of the riding with Pembroke area is completely illogical and breaks up the strength and continuity of the riding area. Joining the remainder of the riding with the bells Corners area is also fraught with issues, and the rural nature of the West Carleton area will be completely torn part and insignificant in the voice of the riding.

I am greatly concerned that I may no longer be represented by a Member of Parliament based in the City of Ottawa. Additionally, the current riding of Kanata-Carleton has a population of 116 651. Per your own report, this is only a 0.05% deviation from the desired ‘electoral quotient’ of 116,590. The current riding of Kanata-Carleton comprises, uniquely, the communities of Kanata and West Carleton, which have decades of shared heritage in former federal ridings. In fact, the territories of Kanata and West Carleton have been in the same federal riding since Canadian Confederation in 1867. The thought that I would have to go to Pembrook for my representation is deeply disturbing.

I would like to re-stress my concern regarding the removal of parts of West Carleton, from an Ottawa and Kanata based riding.

Della Lawrence

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