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Richard Crane

Please accept the attached letter outlining a concern that I have related to your proposed changes to the boundary for the existing Wellington-Halton Hills riding.

Proposed Electoral District Boundary Changes – Ontario, 2022: Change to Existing Wellington – Halton Hills Boundary

I am writing this as a private citizen residing in Halton Hills (Acton). I have received your Proposal of the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission, especially as it affects my community. I am concerned that the proposed change, as shown in May 7 of your proposal, will split Halton Hills voters apart, leaving Acton in the Wellington – Halton Riding and placing Georgetown in the new Georgetown – Milton East Riding.

Halton Hills is a relatively young entity – in 2024, it will be celebrating its 50th anniversary as a town, having joined together Acton, Georgetown and other smaller remnants of the former Esquesing Township. Since incorporation, Halton Hills has been led continuously by a total of just six mayors, who have made it a showplace, demonstrating how efficiencies can be gained by amalgamating services for a group of communities without destroying the identities of the individual communities involved.

Halton Hills residents of all political stripes tend to be knowledgeable and active politically, and take part vigorously in federal, provincial and municipal election campaigns. We would hate to see that change!

Many of us are concerned about the spread of cynicism in politics, as demonstrated by lower voter turnouts in recent elections. With that in mind, we should avoid moves that might result in loss of interest or trust in the election process. Most Halton Hills residents would very much prefer to see one MP represent them in Ottawa, rather than two with perhaps dissenting views. I am just afraid that putting Georgetown and Acton in separate ridings might have a detrimental effect on what has been an enthusiastic voting community.

Please giving strong consideration to re-uniting Acton and Georgetown in your Electoral Boundary reorganization.

Yours respectfully,

Richard Crane

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