Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

Appendix – Maps, Proposed Boundaries and Names of Electoral Districts

This publication contains a map of the Province of Quebec, four (4) maps for Southern and Eastern Quebec, individual maps of cities consisting of more than one electoral district, and a map and description of each of the province's seventy-eight (78) electoral districts.

The sources used in the preparation of the maps in this atlas are from Natural Resources Canada (Canada Centre for Remote Sensing) and Statistics Canada (Geography Division).

The following definitions apply to all the descriptions in this publication:

  1. for the purposes of describing electoral districts, the term regional county municipality means a corporation having jurisdiction over a territory in respect of which letters patent have been issued pursuant to the provisions of Division 1, Chapter 1, Title II of the Land Use Planning and Development Act (c. A 19.1 of the Revised Statutes of Quebec) following the coming into force of section 12.1 (S.Q. 1979, c. 51, s. 251) of the Territorial Division Act (c. D 11 of the Revised Statutes of Quebec);
  2. reference to boulevard, road, street, estuary, river, highway, avenue, railway, transmission line, channel, bridge, canal, crescent, basin, or tributary signifies their centre line unless otherwise described;
  3. all villages, parishes, cities and Indian reserves lying within the perimeter of an electoral district are included, unless otherwise described;
  4. all First Nations territories lying within the perimeter of the electoral district are included, unless otherwise described;
  5. wherever a word or expression is used to designate a territorial division, that word or expression designates the territorial division as it existed or was delimited on the first day of January, 2021;
  6. the translation of the terms street, avenue and boulevard follows Treasury Board standards, while the translation of all other public thoroughfare designations is based on commonly used terms but has no official recognition.

The population figure of each electoral district is derived from the 2021 decennial census conducted by Statistics Canada.